Acupuncture: Deborah Stotzky

This ancient Chinese technique uses the placement of needles to alleviate all kinds of pain, muscle tightness, headaches, insomnia, anxiety/depression, digestive issues, fertility issues and much more.

David Benjamin Hair Salon

A full-service, private hair salon nestled in Holístico’s NYC oasis.

Full Spectrum Infrared Sauna

Using light rays to create pain relieving heat and deeply detox the body, our Full Spectrum Infrared Sauna is the perfect stand alone treatment or complement to any of the other Holístico offerings.

Hypnosis: Sara Wendt

Hypnosis is used to create change and healing by helping to break unwanted and no longer necessary habitual patterns of thought and behavior.

Massage Therapy: Lia Bonfilio

From deep tissue, Swedish, neuromuscular massage to assisted stretching, the art of massage therapy can profoundly release pain, free anxiety, improve sleep and digestion and awaken our body’s own immune functioning.

Nutrition, Herbal Medicine: Eileen Cucé

Nutrition counseling, herbal medicine, polarity and cranial sacral therapies combine in highly-personalized programs.

Skincare by Feed Your Skin: Lisa Shannon

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Located at:
53 West 28th Street 3rd Floor, New York
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